The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Don K Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

The Don "K" Love Promise is all about community and how we can contribute to the social needs and cultural well being of the Flathead Valley. There are many community partners and organizations that we support and we are proud to be involved in the community where we all live and work.

Flathead Valley Animal Shelter, Flathead Spay and Neuter Clinics, Flathead Humane Society

Glacier National Park Conservancy, Montana Land Reliance, Eureka, Tobacco County Community Park

Area Schools scholarships, Steinway Fund, Montana Athletic Association, Regional Title 1 schools, BackPack Assistance Program

Whitefish Winter Carnival, Glacier Challenge benefitting MT Youth Homes, Flathead regional Food Banks, Alpine Theater Project - Scholarship Program

Sunshine Mental Health Services, Pediatric Health Services, Kalispell Regional Medi

Did Don K Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Don K Subaru

Subaru and Don K Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Damaged Crosstrek Drives Better Than Toyota Rav 4 - Constance S

Damaged Crosstrek Drives Better Than Toyota Rav 4. By Constance See. Dirk Erekson bought his first Subaru Crosstrek in 2013 because he liked the look and the size. It was only the second Crosstrek to come into the Don K Dealership. He drove that car for five years. It was paid off and only had 52,000 miles on it, but the redesign in 2018 with EyeSight and other safety equipment, was the impetus to update to a newer model. "When I moved up 5 model years, my six month insurance premium only went up $12 due to all the added safety features," Erekson said. He drove his 2018 Crosstrek for 14 months. On December 30, 2019, the odometer only had a little over 10,000 miles when he got "T-boned" by a Jeep. "The guy hit me on the passenger side going about 35 MPH as I was crossing the highway," Erekson said. "My Crosstrek was extensively damaged, however, I was able to drive my car away from the accident. They put his Jeep on a flatbed and trailered it away. I drove that damaged car for three weeks even though the whole passenger side was pushed in. He'd hit me on the front end as well. I came out without a scratch. "The other driver's insurance company gave Erekson a 2018 Toyota Rav 4 as a loaner car. "That Crosstrek was totaled according to the Don K Body Shop, but it drove a lot better in the snow than the Rav 4 even with a bent frame," he said. Erekson came out well with the insurance settlement and now drives a 2019 Crosstrek, and he loves it.

Damaged Crosstrek Drives Better Than Toyota Rav 4

A Kamikaze Moose takes on an Ascent - Constance S

Kamikaze Moose Takes on an Ascent By Constance See. Nature Photographer Kevin Sink was driving along an isolated road on Glacier National Park's western edge scouting for good images when an unusual accident changed his life forever. "I'd been in the area for weeks and just before impact, I was thinking, I'd hardly seen any wildlife on this trip," Sink said. "Perhaps it was a premonition." As the sun was starting to set, a huge cow moose's head popped out of the adjacent willows. A moose can travel up to 35 MPH. This female was coming right for the front of Sink's 3-day-old new Ascent. "I remember freaking out," he said. "I knew I had to start braking, but I didn't have a chance. Time slowed down. Everything went white as I felt the impact of the airbags and the impact of the moose slamming onto the car. I was in suspended animation." Kevin said he 'submarined' it. The front of the car went under the moose's belly. A moose can stand six-feet-tall and weigh over 1,000 pounds. The windshield caved in right in front of him, as the animal slid down the driver's side of the car, leaving behind a moose face print on the side of the car and plenty of hair. In shock, but fully conscious, the next thing Kevin remembered was a female voice asking if he needed an ambulance. The Subaru Starlink system reacted quickly to airbag deployment. The hood of the car buckled from the strike like an accordion, but the Kevin was fine, no bruises, no pain, just shock. "I didn't want to leave the car too fast in case the moose was still alive and would start kicking me," he said. A few minutes later, he got out to assess the situation. The animal was lying prone in the ravine. Shivering from cold (20 degrees) and trauma Kevin was standing in the middle of the road, when another car pulled up. Returning from a hunting trip, dressed in camouflage, the husband, wife and 8-year-old welcomed Kevin into their car to warm up and stayed with him until help arrived. He started to relax in the backseat with the family's pup on his lap while the father checked on the moose, to make sure the animal was not still alive and suffering, but the impact killed it instantly. Hours later, when the park ranger arrived, the first thing Kevin said was how bad he felt about killing the magnificent animal. The ranger said he didn't remember ever investigating a high speed impact with a moose that was not a fatality for the driver. If it was any other car, the result could have been deadly. "It was a life-changing event," Kevin said. "I didn't have a scratch on me after the accident, but I drive totally different now, particularly at dusk when deer, moose and other wildlife are moving around. You don't take anything for granted, especially all wildlife. It's their property, not ours." Kevin's crunched vehicle was towed to his dealer, but the insurance company declared it a total loss. He went to Don K Subaru to order a replacement car to match his first Ascent, same features, different color. "All the people at Don K did such a tremendous job from my salesman A.J., to the body shop staff, and the owner, Don," Kevin said. "I feel indebted to everyone there for helping me so much. I'll never own anything other than a Subaru."

A Kamikaze Moose takes on an Ascent

Subaru Loves Pets Program Helps Homeless Pets - Lori H

Honored as the Shelter Partner for the October 2020 Subaru Loves Pets program, the Humane Society of Northwest Montana would like to express its sincere appreciation to Don K Subaru for its love of pets and commitment to community support. As the Humane Society busily adopted homeless cats & dogs during October, Don K Subaru committed a $100 donation for each pet adoption up to $3,100. This Subaru Love Promise provided a second chance at a healthy life for a 12-year-old cat named Andie. Andie who had recently arrived at the Adoption Center inside a gunny sack couldn't fully open her right eye and was being treated with meds. Fortunately, the commitment from Don K Subaru allowed Andie to have eye surgery where her Veterinarian discovered that her eye problem was worse than suspected so her eye was removed. After several weeks of rest & recuperation, healthy Andie was adopted and now lives in a cat loving household. Thank you to Don K Subaru for "ensuring that love is felt not just by our customers, but by all." Andie and all the homeless pets at the Humane Society of Northwest Montana are fur-ever grateful for your support!

Humane Society of Northwest Montana
Subaru Loves Pets Program Helps Homeless Pets

Wrapped in Love - Constance S

When I arrived at Linderman Education Center, the independent high school for youth struggling with a variety of life issues, Principal Jodi Barber greeted me with a grin wide enough to wrap my arms around. An employee at Don K Subaru in Whitefish, Montana, I was gifted the opportunity to distribute the 80 blankets allotted to our dealership as part of the Subaru Love Promise program. We stretched them out, several to the school plus three non-profits that help others in need. Principal Barber said the blankets were greatly appreciated and timely. Just the day before, a young student and his mom were in her office at a loss with the reality of suddenly becoming homeless. On the delivery date, the weather forecast was 20 degrees with 19-mile-an-hour winds and up to 12 inches of snow expected. Blankets were also given to the Samaritan House, A Ray of Hope and Peggy's House, all non-profit facilities offering food, clothing, counseling and for some, a place to spend the night. I could hear tears in his voice as Michael, a temporary resident at A Ray of Hope learned blankets would be delivered. A landscaper by trade, he sustained an injury requiring surgery which he could not afford, and ended up through no fault of his own, homeless. "When you're out there on the streets at night, #1 on your wish list is a blanket," Michael said. "A warm blanket and clean socks, that's what you dream of." All four locations that received Subaru blankets were very, very grateful. Thank you Subaru for caring.

Wrapped in Love

Injured Montana raptors helped by Don "K" Subaru - Michele R

The Flathead Valley area of Montana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and not just because of the scenery. The Flathead is home to an astounding number of species of magnificent raptors and other birds of prey from the fierce but tiny pygmy owl to America’s treasure the Bald Eagle and all kinds in between including falcons, kestrels, osprey and an astounding number of hawks that hunt in our fields, nest in our trees and make our area their home. The thing is though, sometimes we might hear them when it is quiet outside, but we rarely actually see these birds, making them unforgettable whenever we do. Thanks to Don “K” Subaru and the amazing folks that work there Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center ( was chosen as the Subaru Loves the Earth hometown charity last month. These folks invited the community into their showroom to learn about, see, listen to and appreciate the beauty and habits of a truly awesome number of owls, hawks, osprey and eagles multiple times during the month. I attended all of these events and every time the showroom was packed with people like me who just wanted to bring their children to experience this amazing opportunity. The birds were noisy! Igor the barn owl made this incredible screaming sound such that we could not hear ourselves think. Everyone loved it and the volunteers said he is just chatty and likes to be the center of attention, so we did not worry about him. The volunteers told us that none of the birds they brought to these events were able to be released even though that is always the goal of the organization. Last year Montana Wild Wings took in 76 sick or injured raptors from 18 different species of bird. They always try to release them after they are healed up, but sadly, many are not able to be released due to injury or sickness. Although sad, those who can’t be returned to the wild are lovingly cared for and are the feathered Ambassadors we got to meet at Don “K” Subaru. I think my favorite part of these events was learning about these birds, how they live, what we can do to help them thrive and how we can make their environment a healthier, less dangerous place. I learned about the dangers of lead in bullets and shotgun shells. I learned that throwing even something like an apple core out of the car window causes many of the traumatic injuries to owls, falcons and others of these wonderful birds because these items are attractive to mice and other rodents which is what the birds eat. An owl is not above snatching up a squirrel eating an apple by the side of the road at night. When a car comes along the owl’s instinct is to fly toward the threat to scare off the intruder, and well, cars are not intimidated. That is how most of the bad injuries happen. I won’t be tossing out any more edibles and neither will my grandchildren. Well, just wanted to tell you that these folks at Don “K” Subaru are lovely, caring and involved in our community. They represent you well and we appreciate all they do here to make in our corner of the world better. I understand they will donate to Montana Wild Wings at the end of the month to help build a new flight barn so even more injured birds can get healthy and back home here in the Flathead. Thanks for being a brand we can really get behind. Cory Frasier Outback owner from Eureka, MT

Montana Wild Wings Raptor Recovery Center
Injured Montana raptors helped by Don "K" Subaru

Farm Hands - Nourish the Flathead - Gretchen B

Don K Subaru chose Farm Hands - Nourish the Flathead as their Hometown Charity during their "Share the Love" Event. We work to connect our community to local, healthy food through Access, Education and Production. Don K chose to support our efforts with the Columbia Falls BackPack Program; providing 200-weekend food bags a week to Columbia Falls most vulnerable children. We were so honored to receive $12,600 to support these weekly efforts! Don K is truly invested in our community and they continually give back. We want to thank the sales staff for representing our programs to new buyers and Subaru for donating a huge portion of the funds. This will ensure that food insecure children receive healthy food each weekend!

Farm Hands - Nourish the Flathead
Farm Hands - Nourish the Flathead

Subaru and NWF Love the Earth! - Lindsey M

Our little school, Children's House Montessori School in Whitefish Montana has received some wonderful perennials from Bluestone Perennials! Attached I have some photos of our garden box. What a great start to creating a habitat of wildlife. We will use the $100.00 gift card to purchase some shrubs for our front sign area as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to improve upon a good thing!

National Wildlife Federation
Subaru and NWF Love the Earth!

Don K Subaru Butterfly Love Promise - Don K

According to recent studies, the population of Monarch Butterflies west of the Rocky Mountains has dropped more than 50 percent since 1997 and the numbers east of the Rockies have declined by more than 90 percent since 1995. This is disturbing news as we rely on butterflies to pollinate and is why Don K Subaru has decided to help take on the project of restoring the monarch butterflies main source for habitat, the milkweed plant. Through Subaru Loves the Earth initiative we have teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation's Butterfly Heroes Program. We are spreading the knowledge of rebuilding the habitat for the monarchs. Each guest is more than welcome to grab some seeds to plant with instructions and check out our temporary service drive habitat. We will be donating the habitat to the local school after the event.

Don K Subaru Butterfly Love Promise

Don K Subaru helps Glacier National Park - Mark P

Don K and Subaru today presented a check in the amount of $12,219 to the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The donation resulted from buyers choosing our local hometown charity, the Glacier National Park Conservancy for a combined Subaru and Don K Subaru donation during the Share the Love campaign. "We're grateful to Don K and Subaru for this impressive donation." said Mark Preiss, President of the Glacier Conservancy. "This humbling contribution will go a long way toward our on-going efforts to protect Glacier's outdoor heritage for generations to come." Don Kaltschmidt, owner and dealer of Don K Subaru said, "Thanks to the incredible loyalty and support of our customers we together with Subaru are able make a real difference." The Conservancy is the official fundraising partner of Glacier National Park. Through the support of the community and programs like Subaru's Share the Love, the Conservancy is able to provide funding for the park's most critical needs, from education and engagement programs, to rehabilitation and improvements to the park's 700-mile trail network, and leading edge mountain goat, wolf and grizzly research. Don K Subaru is one of the brands of exceptional vehicles sold at Don K Whitefish whose 25 years as a dealership in Northwest Montana has consistently been named best dealership and best customer service awards in the Flathead.

Glacier National Park Conservancy
Don K Subaru helps Glacier National Park

Thank you Subaru! - Rani B

Thank you for choosing Sunburst for your recent Subaru Love Promise event. We were most grateful for the contribution which we will use to help some of our clients whose needs are beyond what we are budgeted to provide. These dollars will be so important to so many and we are profoundly grateful. One of our Board members just bought a new Subaru and as you know, we are in the process of buying a van that we can use for transporting some of our clients. Subaru is our go-to car from her on in. Thank you so much! Rani Brenan

Sunburst Community Service Foundation
Thank you Subaru!